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Vishesh Bajpai
Terpstra Xander
Savion DMello
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My idea is to easily add (vertical) windmills to existing solar panel installations and combine the power into the existing solar panel inverter. This needs to be a fast placed solution where you only have to place the windmill down and restring your solar panel (add the windmill to the string) and it must work right away. With no additional wires to the roof. It should also be able to work when there is no sun, that the wind generation by itself works on the (made for solar panels) inverter.

The challenge

The main reason is to help with climate change. We all know solar energy has limitations (so does wind) but combining the two makes for a greater energy transition. Also, because it should be installed on a rooftop without extra wires, placing on horizontal (flat) roofs must be super easy. Just get the windmill up, set it down on a sturdy place, add the wires and boom it works right away. You can calculate what amount of energy is approximately added to someone’s home and calculate what it is worth/ time the system pays for itself and there is your value.

The solution

Some really small research has been done, which concluded that wind energy generation is different from solar panel (less consistent, dynamo dependent) so what we really need is a ‘box’ that can be placed on the roof, maybe under a solar panel or inside the windmill, that can combine the two power sources into one that the existing inverter can work with. We also already collaborating with a solar panel installation company that is willing to provide equipment if necessary and we have a capital investor who already purchased a high-end vertical windmill (which can also be used if we want some testing)

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