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Geotherm Electric

Geotherm Electric
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Sebastian Krijgsman
Melchior Krijgsman
Floris Krijgsman
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Geotherm Electric


Geotherm Electric's mission is to bring the world inexhaustible, renewable energy 24/7.

The challenge

The industry in the Netherlands is under great pressure. There are two key drivers that make the industry feel this way. The first is due to high electricity and material prices. This causes the cost of the production process to rise sharply. As a result, margins have fallen dramatically. Whereas in certain sectors of industry margins were already wafer thin. This has led to the closure of many industrial plants in recent years because there is simply no business case for them.

The solution

Geotherm Electric is an energy company that turns waste heat into power. We have developed our own cycle design to produce electricity. This technology makes it possible to produce electricity at low temperatures with higher efficiencies compared to traditional power cycles. Our cycle mitigates the need for cooling the waste heat and helps industries to make their processes more sustainable and circular.

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