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Bond - A child's adventure at the ED

Bond - A child's adventure at the ED
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Mirjam de Korte
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Bond - A child's adventure at the ED


With Bond Designs I want to change hospital visits into a positive and adventurous experience for young children.

The challenge

Doctors and nurses at hospitals are struggling to make children feel at ease. This also applies to the the Emergency Department. Children that visit the ED are overwhelmed and anxious. The sterile rooms and anonymous caregivers in white are certainly not helping. How can we let these two groups connect and create a positive experience?

The solution

Bond gives children visiting the Emergency Department an open and adventurous experience. Furthermore, Bond helps health caregivers create an easier connection with these paediatric patients. Bond captures each child’s unique adventure. A booklet explains the story, and health caregivers each have their own animal character in this story. The simple and main part of Bonds redesign focusses on the white (and boring) identification wristband. It is redesigned into a colourful wristband who now is used as collection space for all the animal stickers from caregivers a child encounters. Bond gives a tangible and positive memory of their visit.

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