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Build for Change

Build for Change
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Alexander Lorenz
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

material scientist structural engineer people that are interested and want to help

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I am looking for people that are passionate, humble, team players and have the desire to make a difference. (plus points if you like climbing)

Build for Change


Our mission is not only to make housing more affordable but also circular and sustainable.

The challenge

We tackle the lack of affordable housing in the Caribbean, created by unchanged wages over the past 20 years and the necessity to import all goods in combination with steady inflation.

The solution

To tackle this housing crisis, we propose a 4-point solution: modularity, prefabrication, locally sourced materials and educational workshops to teach locals more about innovative building concepts. The general idea is to introduce a new modular timber structure with push and lock mechanisms. To minimize the use of expensive materials we are using cardboard waste pressed into blocks to reinforce the timber structure. In this way, we created a more affordable system which can be built and maintained by the owners.

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